How to Install The Emby Media Server On PlayStation 4

In this tutorial, we are going to install the Emby media server on PlayStation along with the new app for Kodi. So go to this page listed underneath this tutorial. And click on where it says download.

Now the download page is divided into two parts. The top half of the page being the server downloads, and the bottom part being the New App downloads.

  1. We need to install the server first So go ahead On the top of the page Select your operating system and click on the square That will take you to the download page.
    Select either the stable release or the beta Download it. Save it.
  2. Once it downloads minimize the browser, don’t close it you will need it later And launch the setup When the setup window opens.
  3. Go ahead and click on Run And this is an online setup. The time it takes will vary depending on how fast your internet connection is.The Emby Media server was originally the MediaBrowser server, but so many things changed that they renamed it Once the server installs it should automatically open a tab in your browser.
  4. First select the language then click on next Then fill in your name And if you have an Emby Account put in your username or email address Then click next.
  5. We need to setup the media library’s So click on add a media folder, then choose the type of media folder And then find the locations of your movies, music, or tutorials Browse to where your media is stored  on OK then click on Next.
  6. Check off if you want to save the artwork and make sure the language is correct.
  7. And then  next It will also install a Windows service for running the server Once that is installed.
  8. click on next Take a look at the terms of service One more time click on next And your finally done with the server.
  9. Go ahead and click on finish This will be your opening page, click on the icon and take a look at your new ,media server. You can get to the media server By going to your IP address at port 8096 You can add new users, media folders, or plugins.

Once your server is running we need to install the new Kodi app Go back to the original download page.

Scroll to the bottom Select the device, in this case Kodi, and click on the square And for Kodi it will take you to A repository download page  on the word repository And save it to your system.

Once it downloads Minimize your browser And then open Kodi up When Kodi opens Scroll to the right And click on System Under System click on addons Under Addons  on Install from a Zip File.

And browse to where you saved the repository zip Find it,  on it, and click on OK.

Now click on install from repository. You want the XBMBC3 Addons Then choose either Music or Tutorial, either will work And click on the MediaBrowser.

When it opens click on Install When it finished installing go back to the Main window Now go to Music or Tutorials and click on Addons Under Addons click on the MediaBrowser First it should find your server, IP address and port  on OK Select the User. Enjoy your PlayStation4.