Clash Royale: How to move quickly without spending money?

Davidk, youtuber and pro of the mobile game and Clash Royale gives us his most precious Clash Royale tricks to play like a pro.

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Davidk is one of those youtubers who talk video games. Headphones on the ears, hand-held tablet, face camera: it comments on all its parts and most unusual experiences on mobile gaming to millions of users: Clash Royale. With a few hundred thousand subscribers and hundreds of tournaments won, David has gone professional with this card game that is played with fingers on a touchscreen.

In a few words, Can you explain the concept of Clash Royale?

DavidK: The goal is to get into the arena with the maximum number of cards possible. Each card is materialized by a character who has his abilities (air, ground, powerful or not). By building a deck of 8 cards, two players compete in an online fight.

A tip for those who are starting out?

Be patient. Inevitably, we are blocked at some point in the game. We must persevere, take his trouble patiently and above all do not spend money in the game too fast to have too powerful cards. At first, it is useless. It is better to learn the strategy of the game and to assimilate the right technique to gain power.

What do you think of gemstone generators (gemstone, ed.) Online?

It’s a big trick, none of them works. It’s a big scam, do not fall into this trap.

It is hard to progress in the game without paying a single penny, what tricks you have to deliver to gain power without spending money?

You have to be very well organized. Chests that offer gems, money, and cards are available every 3, 8 or 12 hours. It is preferable to unlock the safes that open after 8 hours at bedtime, to optimize the waiting time. To gain power quickly, the ideal is to unlock a maximum of chests; it is much more profitable than to buy cards at the shop.

What does “farmer” mean and why is it so important in the game?

Farmer or farming is to develop his cards to the maximum before moving on to a higher arena. As each arena unlocks some cards, the idea is to collect all of them to make them level up and be powerful. If we pass too quickly to a higher arena, the risk is not to have the level to remain there and to be lynched with each fight.

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What is the best combination of cards?

We call “deck” the 8 cards we choose to go to battle. The best combinations differ according to the arena. The simplest way to know is to watch a lot of the royal TV that broadcasts the fights of others who are in the same arena as you to watch the cards that are most played, so logically the best.

What is the optimal elixir cost?

There are two schools, a deck called “fast cycle,” with very cheap elixir cards, with an average of 3. It allows you to send a threat two times faster than a deck more greedy in elixir. Personally, I prefer the other method, that of choosing bigger cards like the Golem or the Pekka, to have a fairly consistent average elixir of 4.3.
A “deck” with a fairly substantial elixir.

How to test all its new cards?

The simplest is to go to training camp or to make friendly fights within his clan; this allows to see all the possibilities of each card, without risking too much to lose in level. It’s very important to experiment often, especially as Clash Royale puts new cards into play every week.

What are the advantages of being a member of a clan?

When you join a clan, you can ask the community for some of the cards you miss; it’s pretty practical. If you participate in clan fights and you win wreaths to the community, you will have access to the clan chest, which is really not bad. In principle, there is a lot of money and legendary cards in play. I strongly advise you to integrate.