Review : Frisby PC Laptop USB 2.0 Game Controller Pad Dual – Shock

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Add a thrilling dimension to your Pc games with dual vibration feedback motors. Experience each and every bone-rattling crash and blind-side hit. Feels great in your hands and offers you all the controls you need to dominate the competitors.

The Frisby game controller for Pc, Laptop or Computer, Laptops makes your games much more realistic that you will feel every crash, hit, explosion, and more with its Dual Vibration Feedback motors. Operates fantastic for any regular NES or SNES emulation, and feels just like a PS2 game controller and comes with one year warranty. Most game controllers final for only couple months, as a result, our one year warranty shows higher confident in Frisby game controllers.

Soft-touch bottom and specially made textured rubber grips make it possible for you to get a strong grip. It’s the ultimate precision instrument, no matter whether you are going for the tackle, the kill, the gold, or the finish line. The comfy grip keeps you at the top of your game for hours of play.

Double Analog handle: Feel the efficiency edge with double analog sticks and smooth, precise handle with digital buttons and smooth 360-degree action. Dual joystick precision assists hit each and every target, every single time

Turbo and Normal Mode: Switch from turbo mode to normal mode or from regular mode to Turbo with a click of a button

Plug and Play: Compatible with all Computer, and Laptop and any Computer games operating with Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/VISTA. Just plug and play, no driver required.


Pc Game Controler with USB Cable.


64 MB RAM* 20 MB of obtainable challenging disk space* Computer with Pentium processor or compatible * Pc with Pentium processor or compatible.

USB port

Windows 98 ME 2000 XP Vista

Connected Video

  • FEATURED Frisby Computer Personal Computer Laptop USB 2. Game Controller Pad Dual- Shock
  • Dual Vibration feedback motors -Soft-touch, easy grab buttons
  • Turbo and Regular Mode. LED indicator for Turbo¬† 8 Way Direction B
  • 10 Fire Buttons and Slow Buttons¬† Autoplay function
  • One full year manufacturer warranty
  • Double vibration/shock functions, comes complete with a one-year manufacturers warranty!

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Original Emulator Website: Consists of emulators for Linux and Windows. No Mac, sorry. Additional BIOS Files: dragonballarena.gamesurf.It ePSXe GPU/SPU/PAD/CDR plugins: WinRar: Question by Mario i: How can I play games on PlayStation emulator 2?I download pcsx2 (PlayStation emulator two), but I am unable to play games.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I setup bios please tell me fully strategy step by step to play games.?

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