Free Xbox Live Codes 2018 that work no surveys

Good news for Xbox fans. We all love to play Xbox games. It is the best way to entertain our self. But one thing we do not like is Xbox codes are not free, and they are also not cheap.

We have to spend a good amount of money to get this codes. But there are lots of people who can not afford it. So, Do not worry. I just find out a good method to get unlimited free Xbox Live codes that work most of the time without doing surveys.

Microsoft provides Xbox Live subscription. It is the ultimate gaming service that Microsoft ever made. It allows Xbox users to play multiplayer, talk to each other, get exclusive and early contents for the Xbox.

It has two versions which are Xbox Live Silver and Xbox Live Gold. They include many gaming accessories and a free Xbox live arcade game. Prices depend on countries. Usually, they are not cheap.

In an Xbox Live pack, you’re provided a subscription card which has a free Xbox Live Codes inside. It needs to be entered to get into the service. But on the internet, there are many ways to get Xbox Live Codes.

Working Methods For Xbox Live Codes No Surveys

You can get  free Xbox Live Gold membership Codes when you buy games which offer them. Games such as Star Wars Battlefront, Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes and Battlefield 2: Modern Combat always offer you 48 hours of free trial codes, but you have to pay them when the time is up.

For those who want to have a longer trial period, you can buy games which offer 2 months Trial Card. You also need to have a high-speed internet connection. If you want to get into the service and create an account for your Xbox, you should take a note of the free Xbox Live Gold Subscription Codes from the card you got. Whenever the trial period is up, you have to pay to get your membership. If not, you can’t extend the trial period.

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You will have another opportunity to get free 12 month Gold membership Codes if you’re a Microsoft Subscriber. They give away freebies as free games, Live Codes for an individual of hours. By the way, don’t hold your breath! Those freebies aren’t common and only occur when some companies sponsored it.

Lastly, the easiest way to get free  Codes is to work for it. When you heard work for it, don’t consider that you’re going to have a hard time. There are websites out there that give you Xbox Live Code Generator when you complete what they ask you to do. But usually, it takes you around a whole day or even a week to complete the task, which completely hard to get free Xbox Live Codes.

Although those sentences might be considered as a bit of a paradox. But at least you still can get free Xbox gold codes that work; it is worth the time, I believe. Because there is no such free giving away and you can get it for free. Right!?

What is this method?

Well, let me tell you this method is completely legit means this is a legal process. So you do not worry about your account. With this method, you can get gold cards, live points and much more.

Q. Have you used this method?

Yes. I am using this method. I am using this for two purposes.To get good cards for my self.
To sell Xbox codes at a low price to make money online.

Q. Why you are sharing this with us?

This method will never get saturated. So I do not have to worry about losing my method. By sharing this, you guys also can get codes.

Q. Is there is any investment for this method?

Not at all. This process is completely free. You do not have to pay a single penny.

Q. What can I get from this method?

Just take a look at the image you will find your answer. Besides this, there is some amazing stuff too.